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Gary Humphrey Car vs Wild

Gary Humphrey
host of “Car vs. Wild” on the Discovery Channel

As the co-host of “Car vs. Wild”, Gary Humphrey’s second season on the Discovery Channel is more thrilling and exciting as he tests his survival abilities getting Ruby, the beloved Jeep Wrangler 4×4, to the most extreme places in the world.

Has he always lived such an adventurous life? Is he ready to take on “30 Days of Adventure” in Central America with Amanda? Is Gary our modern-day version of James Bond?

Inspired to see the world from an early age, Gary joined the UK Military at the age of 20 and spent 17 years serving in the Royal Marines and UK Special Forces.

Throughout his time in the armed forces, Gary’s survival skills have been honed in every imaginable environment – from the Arctic, to the desert, and into the jungle. As a senior survival instructor, he was also responsible for bringing other Special Forces recruits up to speed.

Since he left the Special Forces, Gary has been working behind the camera as a field producer, technical advisor and security coordinator on a series of high-profile international television and film productions including Robin Hood and BBC’s Top Gear specials across South America, Albania, Iraq to Bethlehem and the Race to the North Pole.

He has also used his security knowledge to be a body guard to some high-profile celebrities including Matt Damon, Tyra Banks, Simon Cowell, and J Lo.

Gary Humphrey and Anthony Bourdain

Gary was responsible for getting Discovery’s
“No Reservations” Anthony Bourdain
and his production team safely through Iraq and Turkey.


This season of “Car vs. Wild” will send him into more severe conditions, as he takes on Mexico’s Sierra Juarez Mountains. At 1800 meters above sea level he will cross a valley that has never been entered by a vehicle before, find a sacred lagoon, take on a river and ultimately test his survival skills. With intense moments and boundaries pushed to the limits, he takes Ruby to places no car has ever gone before.

Though Gary’s main expertise is in survival, he’s also had plenty of experience taking vehicles into inhospitable places. He’s driven across North Africa, taken a trip from the Amazon to Chile, snowmobiled to the Magnetic North Pole, sailed through a hurricane, and hitchhiked from Cape Town to Nairobi.

Having spent his career in extraordinary places across the planet, Gary has no shortage of memorable moments. Gary’s day job saw him wrestle a 12-foot anaconda, learn to castrate reindeer and eat their warm testicles in the frigid -40 degree artic weather, and live by drinking water from tree vines and free diving with locals in Papua New Guinea.


He has been trained to handle survival in all climates, has wrestled wild beasts and protected the most famous of movie stars. Will he meet his match in “30 Days of Adventure” in Central America…in Amanda?

It starts next summer! His “30 Days of Adventure” …with her. Come here to read his side of the story in a “He Said, She Said” view of their traveling adventure. Read, see and watch the adventurous antics!

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